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Are you looking for a reliable platform for construction estimating services? NEDES Estimating is a one-stop shop for various estimation services. Our competitive experience and expertise in the market delivers appropriate services to our valuable clients. Our experts ensure successful bid-winning results.

Our professional experts are well-trained and equipped to utilize multiple software like Bluebeam, Planswift, RS Means, Trimble, Cost Works, FastPIPE, Xactimate, FastDUCT, and Quest Estimating. It is our motto to use only the latest versions of these software accurately to do the job as per the global standards. Also, our experts receive on-going training to understand software use. Moreover, we offer zip-code-based pricing for multiple estimations using RS Means through developed databases.


Our aim is to facilitate people with the best estimation services. Therefore, our skilled team of estimators assists clients with precise estimations to win bids for varying projects. Our seasoned estimators are proficient to give you the exact estimates. These professionals have been working in the market for years and have extensive knowledge of their respective fields. This way, they possess the expertise to provide accurate services to all our valued clients.


    We have been in the industry for close to three decades. Our qualified specialists will assist you in winning multiple bids with precise estimations.


    Getting quality services at market competitive rates can turn your dreams into reality. We hear your thoughts and bring you the best services at affordable rates.


    To avoid human error in estimations, we use advanced software like blue beam and plan swift to offer the most accurate cost estimations.


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Being a contractor and managing operations on various fronts isn’t easy! You must take care of various tasks, machinery, and other resources while handling on-site requirements.All of this while facilitating workers, all at the same time. We understand how much stress it can cause. That is why NEDES Estimating comes up with professional construction estimating services to make the development process of any project smoother and effortless for you! Along with extensive industry knowledge, our seasoned estimators are up-to-date with guidelines from these institutions or organizations. ASPE, RICS, PMI, POMI, AACE, ASTM, ACI, ICE, FIDIC, etc, and more.


    A busy contractor has to deal with countless challenges while managing a commercial construction project. At these crucial times, you can not afford to deal with poor standards. Chances are you will get stuck with over-optimism, deadline pressure, not evaluating risk and uncertainty, or Padding the investment properly due to a hectic schedule. Try our business estimating services to stop missing out on bids.


    Building a home is the dream of every employee out there. We dream of owning a house as soon as we get stable in our lives. We value all our clients. If you are a potential owner or a residential contractor, get our excellent residential estimating services at market competitive rates. Our estimators will handle everything on your behalf. Our accurate estimation will easily optimize your on-site operation. All you have to do is reach out to get started!


    As the estimation process of industrial buildings is not easy. Getting help from accurate estimations will make the entire development process easy for you, offering intricate estimations. With close to exact estimations in your hands, you can hit up the right budget. Our skilled estimators have worked with many clients in almost all industries. You can make a mark in the industry with their proficient construction estimating services.


    Making a cost estimation draft is challenging. Expert estimators are considered knowledgeable when creating estimating proposals. They provide exact estimates based on the ground realities that give you better results when executed and generate positive efficacy. There won’t be any room for error brought on by insufficient understanding, supervision, or developmental challenges.


    Builders are mostly unaware of budgetary restrictions, so the approximate numbers always give them anxiety throughout the development phase. That is the reason you either go over budget or overspend. Employing our knowledgeable estimators will allow you to be at peace, knowing that you will receive accurate estimates. With our precise value additions, even a beginner can excel in the construction industry.


    Managing a full-time team and their salaries can affect your budget. Why not consider outsourcing your projects to construction estimating companies? Pay when there is an ongoing project and invest those savings in other productive tasks. Hire our freelance cost estimators to get the best estimations. Our seasoned professionals will provide accurate project estimations based on actual site evaluations.

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Nedes Estimating specializes in accurate and efficient estimation services for contractors and builders. Our team combines expertise with cutting-edge software to provide comprehensive estimates, material quantity calculations, and project timelines. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to client satisfaction, we ensure that our estimates help you plan and execute construction projects with confidence.

Drywall Estimating Services

When creating any drywall takeoff or building estimates, errors can get quite expensive. Doing your own takeoffs may be a very time-consuming and tedious operation. Take hold of your time and hire our expert estimators right away for a seamless process.


You need precise material pricing estimates to win the next project. Utilizing our concrete estimating services will enable you to submit the most competitive proposal, which will increase your chances of getting the contract while allowing you to save time and money.


Boost your chances of winning every bid with our MEP services. We assure you that you will stay within your budget and will not go overboard. Before you start the job, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in calculating the cost. Get precise material and labor takeoffs now.


Dealing with the project size, layout and other things becomes challenging when it comes to catering to Mechanical Estimations. This is where a precise and detailed plan can make your clients happy and offer you control over the project. Hire our seasoned estimators to win your next bid!


The group of electrical estimators assists in calculating the whole cost sheets and labor man-hours required to finish a project. Leverage our services to start out in the right direction. Our estimators will guarantee that your estimates are accurate, and help you save time and money.


One of the trickiest jobs in the business is estimation. The major problem is hitting the exact figures for every bid. Construction needs plumbing estimation services since they assist to keep projects within the budget. Stop burning the candles at both ends and Hire Our skilled estimators!

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Why NEDES Should be Your First Choice?

Nedes Estimating is one of the top ranked estimating companies in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, North America & European regions. We value our clients, and our professionals will take complete responsibility for your project. We guarantee the use of the most up-to-date, genuine tools and software. NEDES competes in the industry and is among the top estimating companies with prompt and cost-effective solutions for all busy contractors. By collaborating with us, you get to have a variety of advantages. Project estimations and project consulting are our main specialties. You may get accurate estimates from us whether you are a contractor or a competent construction estimator! Our estimates stand out for reasons like cheap price estimation and Takeoffs, Quickest Turnaround Time, Dependable Services, Market Competitive Rate, Shoot Up your bid-winning ratio, and being Licensed Professionals.

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Why Work With Us?

  • Accuracy and efficiency

    Accuracy and efficiency, that’s what you can expect from our estimating services. Our estimators are skilled to deliver accurate estimations to win every bid.

  • Dedicated Team

    Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. We can make precise cost estimations for all your project estimates. Contact us for professional construction estimations.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Time is money for all construction projects. We know its value! That’s why our estimators provide fast turnaround to win bids and grow your business.

  • 28 years of experience

    Building your dreams, estimating your expenses. Seek assistance from seasoned estimators with with 28 years of experience for guarantee success. Let us help you today.



    The clock is ticking on your next project. Don’t let inaccurate estimates slow you down. Our expert team of estimators provides you with fast and precise estimates, giving you the time-saving advantages you need to stay ahead of the competition.


    Leave the confusion out of your next bid and win more contracts with our precise construction estimating services. With our detailed and accurate estimates, you’ll have the competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd, win more bids, and grow your business.


    Join our growing list of satisfied clients who have benefited from our precise construction estimating services. With years of experience and a proven track record of delivering accurate estimates, our team has helped countless clients save time and money on their projects. Let us put our expertise to work for you and take your project to the next level.

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We know how contractors and subcontractors sacrifice a lot of profits since they are busy with other development projects. They get no time to prepare estimations for bidding due to their hectic schedule. Hence, they end up losing a lot of projects and income.

Our precise construction estimating service will lety you win construction projects and get more clients.

Alex Williams
CEO, Nedes Estimating

Our Customer Says

Nedes estimating is the company that has given me the satisfaction. Their style of work is so efficient and effective. Moreover, I am impressed by their quick response of the team and accuracy of the estimation.

My experience was amazing. Nedes has equipped staff, proficient estimation, and pertinent response. All these factors have assured me the quality of the work.

I love the accuracy that Nedes has provided me. I would love to recommend the company for estimation, to the new customers.

I became worry less when I hired these people. These people have given me the results that I wanted. Exact estimation and cost prediction enabled me to say that Nedes is matchless in its work.


Nedes Estimating offers precise and effective services for construction estimation and takeoffs. You can use the services of our knowledgeable estimators if you have building project plans and want the correct quotations. By examining the rough plans and blueprints, our professionals make an effort to verify the information and eliminate any misunderstandings or fillers. Our accurate construction estimates will be your best partner to win all the next bids earning more projects in your name. You can compare several contractors and find out about any hidden variations in quotes using our perfect estimates. Therefore, spending only a few dollars on our estimating and takeoff services might be the best investment you make for your building project.

Why Should You Use Our Estimating Services?

Why purchase pricey software for estimating initial plans when our professionals are here to serve you?

  • No need to train and recruit professional personnel. Hiring our professionals will save you full-service staff costs.
  • You can save money by not hiring a full-time construction estimator.
  • It raises the number of bids you place. Professional construction estimating services might help you start bidding on more tasks and ultimately win more.
  • Our Expert estimators will assist you to improve your efficiency estimating in construction, which will raise your potential for profit.
  • Our estimation services in USA are best to uncover Invisible discrepancies.
  • You can be at ease while our experts will do the job for you making you more productive.
  • With our experts’ estimators you can bid more and win more projects.



    The first step to leverage our premium services is to submit your proposals, blueprints, or relevant data drawings. So, our professionals can assess your project drawings.


    The estimated figures often cause the builders distress throughout the construction process since they are unaware of the financial limits.


    Our experts will work on your blueprints and the initial data provided. After a thorough analysis of information, they will deliver accurate estimations.

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Maximize your budget and minimize surprises with our expert services. Building your dreams doesn’t have to break the bank. Let us help with accurate estimates!
We believe precision is key in construction projects. Get accurate estimates, every time. Contact us now.


NEDES Estimating is an experienced estimating services provider to facilitate its clients with precise takeoffs and building cost estimations. We have specialized in Construction estimating services. Our skilled professionals leave no stone unturned while creating their cost estimation draft. Our estimation will include everything that goes into your project development. Along with building materials takeoff and estimations, our professionals are also experts in providing quantity surveys.

We specialize in Commercial, Residential, and Industrial projects. Along with many other services, we offer our expertise in the following categories:

Our client’s portfolio is based on Architects, Building Owners, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Developers, Insurance firms, Banks, Lenders, and many more.

Our labor and material costs are derived from the updated national database, which is maintained on an annual basis. Our estimating experts are a team of project managers with extensive hands-on experience in the industry. They propose changes predicated on variables such as shifts in production efficiency, hardware, and so on.

We are all aware that collaborating on a building project entails devoting all of your resources and time. We understand your needs and know how hard it is to spare so much time to do all the estimations being a busy contractor. Our accurate services allow you to reclaim your time while receiving accurate construction estimates and takeoffs. With the help of our seasoned professionals, you can come out on top of more bidders and expand your operations.

Our anticipated estimations and takeoff delivery time are between 10 and 48 hours. It depends on the scope of the building project. While the typical duration of a building project is between two and four days. We are also capable of handling a variety of projects that require prompt delivery. You only need to inform us of the bid deadline, and our estimators will assist you accordingly. It costs a nominal expedite fee to make things more efficient. In addition, you will receive prompt delivery by the specified date.

Nedes Estimating is a dependable platform that produces precise and cost-effective outcomes using various estimating software. Our labor and material costs are determined by the following software.

  • Trimble
  • Plan Swift
  • RS Means
  • Blue beam
  • Quest Estimating
  • Fast PIPE
  • Fast DUCT

Yes, because we are capable of assisting in the preliminary stages of planning and design. Our preliminary estimation services cater to clients that are merely considering assembling a team. Therefore, we estimate the construction cost so that you may work properly.


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