Concrete Estimating ServicesDo you know how our concrete estimating services are beneficial for you? If you have a construction business and wish to win a tender, you must participate in the bidding procedure. Because the total bidding procedure is reasonably transparent, the bid must be lower to win a tender. To be the lowest bidder, you must have an accurate material takeoff and cost estimate for your project. By using our services, your offer will be the closest, and you will not only win the tender with a significant profit, but you will also save time, money, and resources.

We devised a system that is effective and precise, and fast. We appreciate our clients’ time and money because we value the job they do. With our assistance, you can concentrate on the building and design processes while managing the entire project estimation.


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Our Portfolio In Concrete Services

  • Big Dams
  • Big Bridges
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Marine structures
  • Highways
  • Driveways
  • Culverts
  • sewers
  • basics for higher buildings
  • Fences

We work with wide-ranging contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, quality managers, architects, and engineers. Each concrete cost estimator focuses on a specific craft, resulting in the most current and specialized expertise in their field. This expertise provides the ability to modify any requirements for your project. Our experts have provided an estimate for all trade on the latest and renovated apartment building housing, business buildings, hospitals, warehouses, transportation hubs, restaurants, and family houses.

Why Outsource Concrete Estimating Services to Needs Estimating

In-house Estimators are expensive and do not guarantee dependability and quality. Concrete Contractors, in such instances, use our Construction Estimating Services to ease the stress of working on-site and the difficulties associated with obtaining precise and dependable estimates for bidding bids. We are the Company that guarantees accurate and dependable Estimates and Construction Takeoff Services for any Concrete-related job. We provide the following:

  • Concrete Restoration
  • Concrete Framework
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Grouts
  • Precast Concrete
  • Cementitious
  • Concrete Reinforcement

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Concrete Estimates

  • Our Professionals have a staff of more than 32 professional estimators that can manage a significant number of estimating projects at once.
  • We can assist our customers in submitting more bids on time.
  • We are capable of meeting tight timeframes.
  • You will save both time and money.
  • Our pricing is reasonable.
  • We can assure accuracy and error-free estimates by using premium tools such as RSMeans and PlanSwift.
  • We are available for any of our consumers’ questions.
  • Our post-project support staff is among the best in the industry.

Our Project Cost Management

Cost tracking is not an apparent concern for most Concrete Contractors when running a developing firm. Our effective tracking system improves comprehension of cost allocation throughout each project and, as a result, profit margins. Among its numerous advantages, it generates historical data and determines productivity rates, allowing you to be more efficient and competitive in future bids and projects.

Our Estimation Process

Our concrete estimating process begins with a comprehensive examination of the client’s drawing designs to determine the extent of work. Following that, an on-screen takeoff is conducted utilizing digital software. Furthermore, the amounts are transferred into EXCEL spreadsheets with precise line item descriptions.

Our concrete takeoff worksheet breaks down all of the following quantities.

  • The quantity of concrete needed for the slab, pier, footings, header, grade beam, foundation walls, column, lintels, platform, and steps, among other things. So it contains an estimate of transportation expenses and the necessary equipment, such as cranes, pumps, mixers, and so on.
  • The price of concrete formwork. It depends on the characteristics of formwork, whether you rent or buy it, repair, connected equipment, shipping expenses, workforce, and so forth.
  • Reinforcements for concrete, such as structure rebar, welded wire, plastic mesh, stirrups, dowel rods, anchors, and so on.

Main Hours are used to determine labor expenses for skilled and unskilled work. RSMeans and our construction cost database are used to estimate material, labor, and equipment costs for up-to-date and zip code-based pricing. Fees for site preparation or grading are determined if necessary. Excavation, level, and compaction of the soil and transportation, equipment, and personnel are all part of the process.

Other costs like storage, concrete testing, waste, leakage, transportation, and so on are also considered. Contingency funds are evaluated, including unanticipated costs, inflation, etc.

The lead estimator does a last check to ensure that everything matches the client’s criteria completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

For different commercial, residential, civil, public, and private projects, we estimate concrete curbs, slabs, lintels, footers, tie beams, sidewalks, driveway, pavement, basement, foundation, retaining walls, and so on.

We give estimates for rebar, stirrups, dowel rods, anchoring bolts, welded wire, Visqueen, vapor barrier, tie Beams and lintels, headers, sill blocks, round columns block, bonded beams, and so on.

Our costs are relatively reasonable; for example, we charge $200 on average for an estimate, although this covers depending on the scope of work. Subcontractors may also save 65% on the cost of an in-house estimate by subscribing to our monthly takeoff packages.

The estimates and takeoffs are in PDF and EXCEL files, customizable sheets. We also supply takeoffs in the formats specified by the customer.

Estimating is a critical duty for every construction firm, including concrete contractors. The better option to calculate the cost of concrete work is to use NEDES to evaluate Concrete Takeoff Services. With the assistance of concrete takeoff services, one can be confident that the cost calculation is precise, as the concrete takeoff professional will consider all elements that impact the cost of the concrete.

The concrete takeoff professional will be able to give you several concrete takeoff estimations based on your requirements. Several concrete estimation services are accessible, but you must ensure that the concrete takeoff specialist you use is certified.

Why do you need a Concrete Estimator and takeoff service in the first place? There are several reasons why you should. The primary reason is that you have a lot of work to accomplish and would not do it all yourself. The advantage of outsourcing concrete estimating and takeoff is that you will have many spare hours in your day to focus on other elements of your organization.

You might utilize the time to expand your business rather than the actual labor. When you outsource a concrete estimating and a concrete takeoff service to, you should be ensure that you are getting a definite takeoff service worth your money. Buy now and enjoy your benefits today.

How can you become a client of ours?

Please give us a link to the project designs and a list of what you wish to include or remove from the quantity takeoff sheet. We’ll email you a quotation when we’ve reviewed the methods, including the price and a timeline for completion. We will begin working on the project after it has been approved. Please include a material cost list with your request if you want a cost estimate. It’s crucial since we give Concrete Estimating Services worldwide, and the cost of materials differs by location.

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