How much does fire damage restoration cost?

fire damage restoration cost

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a fire unit in the USA responds to a fire every 24 seconds. Fire Restoration is a process that includes assessing property damage caused by fire, securing property, and restoring it to its original state. Fire damage restoration is part of a large disaster restoration umbrella that can restore water damage, weather damage, and much more. The process involves removing and repairing the damages of the fire and smoke.

The fire damage restoration process may take more time than other disasters, such as water damage. It can take weeks and months to restore a building that is damaged by a fire disaster. If a process takes more time, it is a fact that more money is needed for this process, and such processes demand a complete estimate, drawings, and paperwork before starting physical work.

Our firm provides a complete construction cost estimate of fire damage restoration for all types of buildings. If you need it for your home, your shop, a business plaza, or even for a factory. We can provide you with the best construction estimate services for expenses needed to complete the project with the details of material quality, quantity, labor, and equipment cost.

Factors Influencing Fire Damage Restoration Cost Guide.

If the fire is small, the cost will most likely be low. Another area that affects the cost is the type of room or area that was affected. For example, remodeling and renovating a small closet or bedroom will cost much differently than an attic. Furthermore, other factors are described below.

  • Size of the property 

When we measure the cost of repairing damages, the first thing we consider is the size of the area that is damaged. It is an important factor that affects the overall cost of repairing. The average fire damage restoration cost is $4 to 6 dollars. This cost can change with time, location, and condition of the home.

  • Severity of damage

The severity of the damage is the second most important factor that affects the cost of repairs. The cost charged for repairing fire damage depends on the conditions of the damage. If only the house’s paint is damaged by the fire and no severe damage is seen, it may charge less than structural damage to the house.

  • Type of property

The type of property also affects the fire damage restoration cost guide. If it is a grocery store, the cost of repairing will be different from the cost of repairing a home. It is the most important factor in estimation.

  • Water damage

A residential fire can pour countless gallons of water into your home. Water damage is a common side effect of firefighting, but it can be devastating to your home, damaging floors, walls, property, and even the structure of your home. This damage is also considered in cost estimation.

  • Damaged material values

The cost also changes with the material that is damaged in a fire attack. If the material is damaged partially and can be repaired just by painting, it will cost less than if the material is damaged completely and needs to be changed.

  • Smoke and soot damage

Fire not only causes smoke damage but also leaves soot on your property. Soot can change the color of the surface and prolong the cleaning process, but it can also cause more damage. Fabrics, cosmetics, and appliances can be cleaned of ash, which can stain even the surface of the floor, damage floors, and irreparably damage walls. This mostly affects the fire damage restoration cost guide.

  • Insurance coverage

Fire insurance is a contract between the client and the insurance company in which the insurer agrees to compensate the insured in case of loss or damage to certain property caused by fire. The premium is also fixed in advance, and the insurer compensates the loss only up to the sum assured. Insurance has a fire damage restoration cost guide that tells about which loss is paid by the insurance company and which is not.

  • Damage Location

Your location always affects the fire damage restoration cost because rates of material and taxes are different in the different cities of the USA.

It is important to understand the early effects of fire damage.

The size of the fire, the amount of flaming material to burn, and the presence of oxygen are the few factors that can affect the time of control on fire. Fire damage can take many shapes, including water damage, smoke damage, and structural damage. Structural damage can occur when the heat of a fire weakens a building’s structure, causing walls and ceilings to collapse.

If you face a fire attack, to save your home, you must do some basic work. It will save you fire damage restoration costs. You can save your important gadgets in the future, and you can reduce the dangers of fire. Remove all damaged electrical gadgets. Install smoke detectors in your home. Use a wet pipe sprinkler system.

Depending on the extent of the fire, the effects of the damage it causes can vary. Destruction of property is the most obvious and direct result. Furniture, buildings, and personal belongings can all be damaged by fire, in addition to extensive debris and smoke damage. Water and chemicals used to extinguish fires can cause serious damage even after the fire is extinguished.

Fire damage restoration and cleanup cost per square foot

The average fire damage restoration cost is $4 to 6 dollars. This cost can change with the location, time, and condition of the damage. A homeowner’s worst nightmare isn’t always over after putting out a fire. Furniture and household appliances can be very badly damaged by long exposure to smoke, soot, and other toxic substances.

Water used to blow out a fire can damage the home. Your fire damage restoration in the USA will take steps to prevent further damage, such as vacuuming affected areas and covering the upholstery. Using strong fans will remove smoke from your home, preventing it from accumulating on surfaces.

Fire damage restoration cost, by type of damages

There are different reasons for home fires. They damage homes in different ways, so the cost of repairing each type of damage is different. Here, we will discuss some of them. If we consider the average cost for a normal home, these costs are general, but they can be changed for different reasons and locations.


The affected area in square feet Cost of restoration
1000 $4250 – 6000 dollar
2000 $8500 – 12000 dollar
3000 $12750 – 18000 dollar
4000+ 17000 – 24000 dollar+
Condition of Damage Expenses
Ordinary fires from wood and other combustible materials $8600 – $13600
Liquid fires from gasoline and other flammable liquids $13100 – $19100
Electrical fires from faulty outlets or appliances $11100 – $21700
Kitchen fires from grease and cooking oils $11600 – $18200
Combustible metal fires, common in industrial settings $15600 – $24800

This table provides average costs. It can be changed with time and location. Sometimes, these costs change due to other factors.

Cost breakdowns for fire damage restoration

  • Labor costs

Labor has different rates in different cities. So, it affects the total cost of restoration. The normal labor charges are $4 to 6 dollars per square foot. It can be changed with time, location, and number of labor required.

  • Material costs

Material is the second thing that affects the average cost of restoration. Cost depends on the material that is damaged and needs repairing.

  • Equipment costs

The equipment that will be used in repairing a fire-affected building is always considered in cost estimation.

  • Additional costs

Some additional expenses, such as transportation expenses and many hidden expenses, affect the average cost of fire damage restoration cost guide.

Fire damage restoration and cleanup DIY vs. Hiring a professional

We do not recommend DIY restoration or repair if your home has been damaged by fire. Smoke and soot are dangerous to your health, and DIY work can void your insurance coverage.

The first thing to do after a fire is to call your insurance company. File a claim and arrange for a professional evaluation and repair. Professionals specialize in this type of work, making treatment quick and effective.


In this complete article, we discuss fire disasters and methods of repairing these affected buildings. We discuss the cost of repairing and different reasons for variations in repairing. You can save your home by updating electricity and gas connections. Hopefully, your question of how much fire damage restoration costs will be clear now. This is a huge process that takes time and money.

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