What Makes Our MEP ESTIMATING SERVICES Unmatchable?

MEP Estimating Services

Being a builder, architect, or homeowner, your prime concern is always having reliable MEP Estimating services (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). If so, then Nedes Estimating is the right place for you. We offer all the precise MEP estimates that are essential for your business.

We offer you the best value for your money. With us, you have the guarantee of getting that project quickly. So save your hard-earned money by choosing the right MEP estimate provider. The professional MEP cost estimators at Nedes Estimating are committed to delivering the best services. We deliver precise Cost Estimating Services for all your construction needs.


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WHY Should You Get Professional MEP Estimating Services?

MEP Estimating Services are an essential part of any construction project to complete successfully without exceeding your budget. It gives you an accurate estimation of material costs and other expenses beforehand. So, you know already where you are standing with your overall budget and total expenses by the end of the project. Having said that, getting MEP Estimating Services is essential because it can give you quick and comprehensive calculations of the materials’ costs. In addition, it tells about the mechanical structure of a building, describes the electrical system of a building, and explains the water and sanitation system. If you do so, hiring MEP estimating providers like us is vital.


If you hire us, you will find all the MEP Estimating Services for your construction project under one roof. Our MEP Takeoffs estimators will cater to all your project needs with maximum precision. Of course, we offer them lower prices than others, but the quality is up to the mark and meets global standards. All these services we offer are listed below:

Mechanical estimation services

The mechanical estimation solutions in our MEP Estimating Service include the following service:

  • Central plant
  • Direct digital control
  • Overall building design system
  • Chilled and heated water systems
  • All the exhaust systems of the building
  • Heating, ventilation, and the air conditioning system

Electrical Sytems:

For electrical systems, our professional MEP Estimating Services provider offers these:

  • Fire alarm system
  • Lighting protection system
  • Checking the electric system and design

Plumbing system

The premium solutions of the plumbing system in our MEP Estimating Services include:

  • Water pipes
  • Water conservation
  • Stormwater system
  • All the plumbing systems of the building


There are the five following estimates which are based on accuracy.

  • Definitive
  • Feasibility estimate
  • Preliminary estimate
  • Substantive estimate
  • Rough order of magnitude

Why Is It Imperative to Outsource the Mep Estimating Services?

The development business is a finely tuned industry that expects tender loving care. Accurate assessment can have the effect of winning and losing offers and can likewise influence overall revenues toward the finish of an undertaking. It is the justification for why general project workers like to re-appropriate development gauges instead of doing it without help from anyone else.

We offer types of services to homebuilders, designers, modelers, and general workers for hire. We have been engaged with the development and building industry for a long time, and our expert specialists get what’s involved with making point-by-point and exact material departures and assessments for development and building projects.


The construction estimation services are listed below that we are offering you.

Remodeling and construction of a home

  • Flooring
  • Electric estimation
  • Exterior and interior
  • Civil work estimation
  • Insulation estimates
  • Roofing and windows
  • Preliminary estimates
  • Design of the building
  • Doors and steel material
  • Slabs and tiles estimation
  • Walls, paint, and dryness estimation
  • Concrete, cement, and bricks estimate
  • Plumbing pipes and all other water pipes


Private Estimates: It’s not a simple difference to evaluate private properties as no two homes are something similar. We will take the cerebral pain of assessing your personal structure projects. We have worked with the absolute best land engineers and material providers worldwide and got what works and what doesn’t. Our expert group will want to rapidly and precisely assist you with all your offering necessities.

Business Estimates: Commercial development assessing administrations and all business projects require quick turnaround times and precise amounts. We comprehend overall revenues are tight, and detailed material assessment prompts practical tasks finished on schedule and spending plan. So, contact us immediately.


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WHY Should You Choose Our MEP Estimating Services?

You will choose us because our Doors and steel material MEP Estimating Services are affordable and guarantee accuracy with a 99.9% bid-winning ratio. Second, we have a team of seasoned professionals available 24/7. It includes house construction estimates, MEP takeoff services, flooring estimates, and more. Hence, you can hire our skilled MEP estimators for excellent quality work at an affordable price.

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How To Contact Us?

You can contact us here if you are looking at the MEP Estimates services. Further, you can email us at [email protected]  for the details or make a direct call at +1 708-381-0900


You can send us the drawing through email. Upload your illustrations on dropbox. Then, we will send you the proposal for takeoff estimates. Contact us.

We accept various payment methods, including PayPal and all the other famous methods. Further, we also accept debit and credit card payment methods.

Yes, we provide samples of the previous MEP estimations that we have done. You can see our sample page or email us for more details.

There are three steps of MEP estimating services.

In the first step, you will upload drawings.

Second, you will get an invoice and make a payment

At last, you will receive the estimates through email

Yes, all of our professional estimators are certified.