Residential Estimating Services

Residential Estimating ServicesMaking estimates to win that next residential project while working on current projects can be exhausting. NEDES ESTIMATING provides excellent Residential Estimating Services and expert advice to our clients. In addition, you may have the power of a large assessing division from our growth assessing administrations section without having to pay substantial up-front costs.
Our drive comes from a desire to assist you in evaluating and providing private projects so that you may give attention to growing your firm. Our services are exclusively designed for busy Contractors, Owners, and Architects working on new construction, remodels, and additions.


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We have a deeper understanding of cost estimating as we have a vast experience in this residential estimating service. Our team comprises professional Estimators and Project Managers, and we construct our estimates using a combination of database prices and field experience.


We have the knowledge and advanced technology to price various residential construction estimating jobs for you. Get our precise residential estimation services, whether you’re building a small house or a more complicated structure.

Building takeoffs and estimating might take hours or even days when you’re busy and have a lot of distractions. We have clients in all fifty states and work on all residential new home construction forms.


We’ve all heard that remodeling or conducting any work on an existing property is fraught with hassles and surprises. Home improvement estimates are among the most difficult to calculate. We can assist you with this through our residential estimators. We aim to provide you with an estimate so that you may meet with your client and begin negotiating.

Residential Developers

Having accurate estimates while working on big projects or receiving finance from lenders or investors is vital. Therefore, we offer the following cost estimates:

Preliminary Residential Cost Estimates

When making judgments as a buyer or developer, it is vital to have accurate budget information. We can perform budget and progress estimates for single-family, duplex, and multi-family projects to keep your project on budget and schedule. So, why not try our residential estimating services?

Projects must often be modified and value-engineered once the early price is shown to be excessively costly. We can detect these problems before they expense you hundreds of dollars in holding expenses and interest.

Pre-Construction Final Estimates Budgets

Before starting construction, investors need to get both comparative quotes or a third-party estimation which can be used to verify costs.

In third-party verification estimates, we deal directly with investors and lenders. These are incredibly useful when negotiating with Major Contractors and Subcontractors (if you’re sourcing labor directly).


Large projects necessitate the use of an expert team to determine the expenses for you. Don’t invest haphazardly or blindly. Trust our residential estimators!

Construction costs can quickly add up, especially on larger projects. However, our team can estimate and identify any concerns before you even begin.

Several customers have contacted us to support them with a cost analysis to reduce total costs.


Are you going to build a new house or remodel it? Going back to redoing project design after your original model does not meet your client’s budget is among the most time-consuming chores for an architect or designer. It’s difficult!

We understand your predicament. That is why, during the design phase, we collaborate with Architects & Interior Designers to evaluate projects. We can create preliminary or schematic models, conceptual design drawings, & final construction drawings.

Our Residential Estimating Services can even use sketches at an early design stage.

Residential Schematic Design Estimates

Our residential estimating professionals works exclusively with residential architectural firms to prepare estimates at the design process’s beginning, middle, and end.

This eliminates the expense of an architect. In addition, there will be no further drawing revisions due to budget overruns.

Residential Budgets

When dealing with Owners, developing a budget is essential, especially in the last stages before entering the CA (Building Administration) phase.

Our seasoned professionals can assist you in creating these budgets to retain your contractors accountable for the most premium and accurate residential estimates.

Value Engineering

In today’s world, most commercial projects cannot be completed successfully because of the wrong cost estimations. There is no doubt that this situation is not favorable for everyone involved in the project.

We can assist you with this as we perform useful and accurate value engineering.


  • Houses for a Single-Family
  • Houses with Multiple Families
  • Duplex & Triplex Residences
  • Individualized residences
  • Bungalows
  • Modular homes
  • Apartments
  • Town Homes
  • Mansions
  • Condominium
  • Improvements to the home
  • Remodeling

Excellent residential estimating services as the foundation for all building cash flows.

What Do a Proper Cost Estimation Do For You?

A proper cost estimate provides an understanding of the future expenses that help determine markups, allocate budget, secure financing, quote prices to customers, or negotiate with subcontractors and suppliers utilizing our residential estimating.

NEDES ESTIMATING is the best in the business, with seasoned, skilled estimators for your home construction estimating needs.

Following a comprehensive review of the designs, we electronically take off the quantities that use more up-to-date software and check our actual expenditure database & RSMeans for zip-code prices on your residential quote. We provide a labor cost breakdown based on union and prevailing wages, including normal time and overtime, via our residential estimation services. The bill of materials is given in CSI MasterFormat divisionally or by CSI cost design in Spreadsheets so you can rapidly analyze and send it to your providers for evaluation.

In Our Services Are

Things quantified in Home projects in our residential estimating portfolio comprise size, length, area, and several items in their respective divisions.

However, depending on your needs, we tailor the quantity takeoff in our housing construction cost estimate treatment. It depends on the components that are useful for a particular purpose; for example, for the supply of lumber, vendors typically require beams, studs, wooden beams, and stringers quantified in EA with a complete detailed explanation of nails and clips.

Our Residential Takeoffs

  • General conditions
  • Sitework
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Wood and Plastic Composites
  • Thermal & Moisture Protection
  • Doors & Windows
  • Metals
  • Interior & Exterior Finishes
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Other specialties
  • Contingencies

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Visit here to send your drawing plans and drawings in the following categories: Bidding set, Schematic, Conceptual Design, Building document, or conceptual drawings. .PDF.DXF.DWF.DWG. JPG.PLN. OSX.CAL.

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Our Residential Estimation Services will supply estimates to you in Worksheets that include all material and labor pricing broken down by division or CSI costs, either in the Model that consists of your customized format.

What Other Services We Are Offering?\

Apart from residential estimating services. Our residential cost Estimators offer the following options:


Our residential cost Estimators are highly proficient in using the following software to give you a precise calculation. This software includes Planswift, Bluebeam, Quest Estimating, RS Means, Xactimate, and many others.

Our home estimating services providers may assist you in securing bids on your projects, even if you’re a busy contractor with other work commitments. In addition, we’ll assist you in creating bid estimates and bid documentation that will help you earn more projects for your business.

We’re here to support contractors that specialize in making adjustments to preexisting buildings.

Nedes Estimating is an established firm that offers comprehensive cost estimates for building projects. Our cost consultants provide their professional, data-driven advice to public and private organizations around the country, working on building projects of all sizes and scopes.

Our estimates will meet your individual requirements for winning bid proposals, establishing acceptable profit margins, and procuring material and labor, regardless of whether you work on modest home buildings or big residential projects. In addition, our home construction estimating services have been helpful to the subcontractors engaged since we have a staff of estimators specializing in various trades.