What’s The Cheapest Way To Insulate A Metal Building?


Insulate A Metal Building

Metal structures are often built without insulation. However, the cost is the most important factor here. It may depend on whether the building is a metal vehicle production plant or a metal medical facility.

Depending on the location, metal structures may require insulation for a longer lifespan. If you live in a place with significant temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Then, opting for insulation becomes requisite. Have you set your mind to insulate your building? In this article, we will discuss the cheapest way of metal building insulation.

Why Is There a Need to Insulate a Metal Building?

Have you ever wondered why is there a need to insulate your metal building? Well, there are so many good reasons to invest in getting metal building insulation done.

Let’s delve into why it is a must-have to insulate your metal building as early as possible.

Prevent Condensation

Uninsulated metal buildings heat up extremely during the summer days. We know that the metal structure of the building directs temperature efficiently. But, it will allow the heat to significantly escape outside. And whatever is left behind will be moisture that will cause condensation. This is how condensation will build up inside the metal building.

So if you don’t resolve the condensation issue, it will cause metal corrosion. Therefore, the best way to deal with the condensation problem is to get insulation done quickly.

Minimize Noise

If your metal building is at a place where there is a high level of noise. Then, insulation is a worthwhile option. Generally speaking, metal structures tend to reflect sound. This means the sound will bounce off the surface. Thus, you need to keep in mind that sound waves don’t get absorbed. Everything that seems loud can be noisy for others.

Whether it’s a commercial space, home or a workshop, insulation can be a game-changer. It helps create a pleasant environment by reducing higher noise levels.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from noise reduction, insulation can also help you save money. Insulating your metal building provides next-level energy efficiency. Insulated roofs and walls maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere by preventing the outside weather from affecting it. So, you’ll not need to worry about spending more on cooling and heating systems anymore.

You can use metal building insulation rolls that are highly energy-efficient. Who doesn’t want lower utility bills? Therefore, investing in insulating your metal building is pivotal.

Control the Inside Temperature

Temperature control is another reason you need to go for insulation of your metal building. Imagine a cold winter night or a red-hot summer day. Without insulation, the metal building can feel like a freezer or an oven. Using this kind of space can be highly uncomfortable. Besides, it seems like you can’t regulate the temperature inside anyway.

Insulation is the best way to ensure a higher comfort level. With effective insulation, together with good ventilation, you can feel highly convenient in winter or summer.

The Cheapest Way of Metal Building Insulation

Looking for cheap metal building insulations? If so, it is advisable to use the fiberglass. Though other insulation materials are also available, like spray foam, they are pricey. When we talk about the affordable way to insulate a metal structure, different options come to mind. However, it is essential to consider the quality of insulation materials, their brands, and employing an average of 9-13 per square footage.


So, you might be wondering, what is the R-13 value? R-13 value is the R-value of different insulating materials. In short, R-value is the ability of an insulating material to resist the transfer of heat. Below is the list of the most expensive to the cheapest insulating materials:


Insulating Material Price Per Square Footage
Polyurethane Closed-Cell Spray Foam $7.50 per square footage
ISO Rigid Foam $1.20 per square footage
Mineral Fiber $0.55 per square footage
Brown-In Cellulose $0.45 per square footage
Fiberglass Batts $0.40 per square footage


Apart from this, it is also crucial to consider how much will it cost to insulate a metal structure. Depending on how insulating materials are installed, they can be categorized as accessible, cheap or more challenging. Let’s discuss some cheap material options.

ISO Rigid Foam

On the contrary, it is very easy to stiffen foam board insulation for metal building. All you need is to cut the desired stiff foam dimensions. It would be difficult if you put ISO rigid foam in a tight space.

Wood or Mineral Fiber

Mineral fiber or wood are quite cheap and the most frequently used insulation materials. You can handle them easily as well. Apart from this, it would be challenging to install this type of insulating material if construction is studs-deficient.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Applying closed-cell spray foam insulation for metal buildings can be labor-intensive. But, it goes simply and swiftly once you’re used to it. Furthermore, it would be worthwhile if you use specialized safety gear, including a suit and a mask.

Fiberglass Batts

You should put batts between the studs, whether unfaced or faced. Just like mineral wood, fiberglass batts are hard to install without any studs. Besides, if you want to mount these insulating materials to the ceiling and walls, you will require fasteners.

Brown-In Cellulose

One of the cheapest ways to insulate building materials is by using brown-in cellulose. Applying loose cellulose insulating material is simple. Still, there is a higher need to set up an appropriate barrier to avoid spills onto the floor of the metal shed.

Best Options to Insulate a Metal Building

Want the best insulation for metal building? You must consider the following options:

Foil Bubble

A foil bubble is also called reflective foil insulation. It is a waterproof and lightweight material that reflects the transfer of radiant heat in metal buildings. In addition, it is comprised of different bubble layers and is enveloped with various polyester layers. Aside from this, the R-value of this insulating material starts from R-1.0 to R-1.3.


Loose-fill insulation material is comprised of small particles blown into the targeted area with a specific blower. It is also called “blown-in insulation.” Moreover, the loose-fill insulation can be used for any type of metal building or surface area.

The R-value of loose-fill insulating material ranges between R-2.2 and R-3.8 per inch.

Batt and Blanket

Batt and blanket is the most common type of insulating material and is highly cost-effective. It often gets fitted between studs, joists and beams. For this reason, batt and blanket is considered an ideal choice for small-budget metal building projects. However, the R-value of this material ranges from r-2.9 to R-3.8 for each thickness inch.

Key Takeaways

Lastly, fiberglass is the best and cheapest insulation material available for metal buildings. Aside from this, fiberglass is the most durable option for those who want to insulate their metal surfaces. However, we hope this article was worth reading for you.