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How to Create Winning Construction Job Estimates

For a contractor, estimates of the projects can decide whether they’re going to win the bid or not. However, most of the contractors ignore this factor, and eventually they lose their bid. 

Writing an accurate bid that offers accurate pricing can not just make you win the bid, but also prevents the loss of quoting a price lower than the required amount. 

Being a professional certified construction estimating services provider in the market, we know the insights of writing a perfect bid-winning cost estimation proposal. Here’s our brief guide on how to write a game-winning cost estimation:

Digitise Your Takeoff Method

For a contractor, the bidding price is based on the construction take off services. Therefore, it’s essential to make your take-off method accurate and without errors. Doing a manual takeoff service not only produces errors but requires a lot of time. Eventually, when it affects your cost estimation and increases the chances of losing the bid. Additionally, it increases time consumption as well.

Digitising your take off is modern, effective and highly accurate. The measurement that you will do from a ruler, marker and depth tape, which require about 1-2 hours. However, the software can do the same measurement in less than 5-10 minutes.

With accuracy higher and more precise than manual work and with better insights about your measurements. In this way, you’ll at least convert your takeoff method digitally with better accuracy and a faster process.

Some of the best software that you can use for taking off includes:

  • Trimble
  • Quest
  • PlanSwift
  • RSMeansData

Benefits of using construction estimating services

Here are some of the most highlighted benefits of using cost-estimating software:

construction estimation services

Accurate and Precise Measurement

There’s no wonder that no other method can be more precise than a software method. Using the software is highly precise, and offers pinpoint accuracy and editing of the blueprint as well. Overall, it makes your measurements highly precise and much more accurate.

Set Transparency

With digital software construction take off services, you can easily show the blueprint to your client. Or you can attach the soft copy of the takeoff. This will allow your client to view the real cost. So, they will know how much you’re charging your profit and that you’re not using extra low-quality material to increase your profit. Overall, it sets transparency between your project and your client.

Faster Bids

Did you know, clients are more likely to consider the 1st 4 bids and are more likely to close the deals on the 1st 4 bids? Therefore, you need to bid faster. But, in a normal scenario, manual takeoff can consume a lot of time. And the deal can be closed while you’re finalising the takeoff. However, with automated software, you can finalise your 3 days bids in about 4-8 hours.

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Create a Relationship with your Potential Clients

While this section has nothing to do with practical cost estimation service, but a psychological tip to win the bid. You need to build a psychological relationship with your customer. Therefore, whenever they get a bidding offer, the client can consider your offer on 1st priority.

To do this, you simply need to create a bond with them. So they know who you are, what you do and you do perfect work. You can visit your client’s workspace, and give them your offer and portfolio. Moreover, you can also arrange an event for your potential constructors.

In this way, you’ll know that you’ll leave a psychological burden on your clients and most probably, they’ll call you whenever they need a constructor for their project.

Assemble a Reliable Team

When you’re a contractor, it doesn’t mean you’re going to build the building alone like a lone wolf. You need a team and labour. And a good team is the key to success. Some clients, who’re interested in your bid, might want to go through your team.

cost estimating

And if you don’t have your team, they’ll know that you’re outsourcing the work. The outsourcing thing might be a turn-off for some clients. It can earn you a potential conversion loss in most cases as well.

That’s why you need to develop a good and reliable team. A team that you can show off to your client on demand. Moreover, the perks of having a good team are it saves you from outsourcing the labour and hence you save the cost.

Prepare a Portfolio

A portfolio can help you quickly close the deal on your bid. It is a way to show off what you’ve done in the past. Therefore, your client will know that you’re a professional and capable of handling projects. For the portfolio, you can sign a legal petition for the very project that was built by you. And so, no other contractor can claim your completed project. 

Only bid to Potential Clients

Bidding on those clients which aren’t your potential customers, is useless and time-wasting. It consumes a lot of time to take off, prepare a proposal, and estimate the cost and in the end, you know that you’re getting a conversion from this customer. So it’s useless. In contrast, it’s better to bid on those clients that have the potential to become your customers. 

You can differentiate whether the client is your potential through:

  • See the history of the client. Analyze if they’ve had any projects with the field in which you work.
  • Analyze if the client has ever worked with a contractor who has the same level as you.
  • Consider if their budget falls in your bidding price

Write a Detailed Proposal for your Project

Now, you’ve successfully achieved all the above-mentioned facts in the above sections. The next step you’ve to do is to write a good proposal for your cost estimation. The cost estimation proposal should contain:

Summary or Description

The synopsis or description contains the top text on your proposal e.g, an outline or overview of what you’re going to do in your project, any important stuff to mention or any timeline summary.

Scope of the Project

The scope of the project refers to how you’re going to complete the project. It includes what type of labour you’ll choose, what type of stuff you’ll choose, and by which process you’re going to complete the project. Just make sure to keep the scope non-technical, so your client can understand it.

construction estimating


The deliveries include what type of stuff you’re going to deliver in the end product. It includes the end product along with other services that you’ll attach at the time of delivery e.g, construction take off services, blueprint estimating services or any other service that you’ll deliver. Just make sure to keep this section as short as possible.

ETA of the Project

You’ll also need to include the ETA of when your project will be completed. Just make sure to choose the ETA accurately and realistically. You don’t want to delay your project completion and hurt the customer satisfaction rate, isn’t it? Therefore, always choose the accurate and real ETA that your project estimation gives you.

Make Sure that your Cost Estimation Matches with Client’s Requirements

In the end, make sure that your cost estimation matches with client’s requirements. For example, pricing, requirements and type of the project should match your client’s request. In this way, you’ll get the maximum chances of approval from your client. Or for a promised game winning bid, you can choose a 3rd party construction estimating service in the market like NEDES ESTIMATING.