How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage in USA

Cost to Build a Garage

Whether you live in a big city or a small town in the USA, a garage of a suitable size is a reasonable extension of your home. You cannot only park your car inside and protect it from harsh weather conditions, but a garage also increases the value of your property. It also provides you with ample space to manage your items appropriately. If you think about constructing a garage in your house situated in the USA, you must be searching for how much it cost to build a garage in the USA. If so, you must stay with us and continue reading this blog post. Here, you will get the answer to your query. We will also discuss how you can save money and time while fulfilling your dream of ideal garage construction.

Importance of Grarge

Before we move towards the construction cost of the Garage, you must know its importance to make the right decisions and fulfil your needs.

  • Vehicle Protection

Garareg provides complete protection for your vehicles. It shields your car from rain, wind, snow, and intense sunlight. Likewise, it keeps your car free from dents and scratches. Also, when you park your vehicle inside, you can safeguard yourself from the harsh outside conditions when you step out. Above all, using garage space for parking cars also decreases the chances of theft and robbery.

  • Boost Home Value

According to a report, the complete house construction cost is approximately $2,88,301. However, a garage construction cost is around $14,094. Typically, sellers can earn 64% to 81% return on investment (ROI) when selling a house with a garage. It shows that a valuable garage adds around $20,000 to $35,000 to your home’s worth.

  • Increased Storage Space

Building a garage is the best source to give your home an open look and more storage space. You can organize many of your home appliances, such as your Garage’s water heater, furnace, and laundry room. To avoid exposing these items to visitors, you can arrange some closets in your Garage to place them inside.

Average Per Sq Foot Cost to Construct a Garage in the USA

The overall garage construction cost lies between $16,281 and $39,472, with an average price of $27,867. You can also check its building expense per sq foot in the following table.

Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost
$35 $52 $70

Factors that Can Influence the Garage Cost Construction Cost

When we are on target on how much is it to build a garage in the USA, we always consider some essential factors that can add a significant cost or influence the whole garage building budget. Let’s discover these factors and take a flawless step toward your garage construction project in the USA.

  • Garage Size

Size is the most significant factor that everyone must consider when hitting the garage construction project. In the USA, garage size varies depending on the space for multiple cars. And the cost also changes as we move from low to up.

1-Car Garage Construction Cost

The standard garage sizes for 1-car in the USA are 12×24 feet, 14×28 feet, 12×20 feet, and 16×24 feet. And the budgets for constructing a new garage according to varying sizes in the USA are;


12 by 24 feet 14 by 28 feet 12 by 20 feet 16 by 24 feet
$15,000 $20,400 $13,200 $21,100

2-Cars Garage Construction Cost

For 2-cars parking, the garage size should be 24×24 feet, 24×30 feet, 20×20 feet, or 20×24 feet. The average costs of constructing a 2-car parking garage with changing dimensions are;


24 by 24 feet 24 by 30 feet 20 by 20 feet 20 by 24 feet
$30,000 $31,200 $22,000 $31,700


Here, we only discuss the average price. However, the price may vary depending complexity of your garage construction project. For instance, the highest cost of a 20 by 24 feet garage construction in the USA can reach $40,300.

3-Cars Garage Construction Cost

If you have a big family and only manage your things with an oversized garage, the 3-cars Garage is best for you. In the USA, the standard sizes for 3-cars parking garages are 22×32 feet, 24×36 feet, 36×24 feet, and 30×40 feet. Moreover, the average costs of constructing a garage with specific dimensions are as follows;



22 by 32 feet 24 by 36 feet 36 by 24 feet 30 by 40 feet
$38,700 $47,500 $44,900 $62,000


  • Attached Garage Construction Cost

By emphasizing the name, you can understand that here we talk about the Garage connected to the home. It is the most common type of Garage that fulfills all your needs within a reasonable budget. You can connect plumbing and electrical systems in your attached Garage more conveniently. The average construction cost of an attached garage to your house is $26,000. However, depending on your space requirements, it can also lie between $10,000 to $43,000.

  • Detached Garage Construction Cost

Another type of Garage is a detached one that is 10-15% more expensive than the attached Garage. It demands investing high costs to connect plumbing and electrical systems. Moreover, it does not allow free movement from your house to the Garage. Depending on the size, the construction cost of the detached Garage can vary significantly. For instance, a 1-car garage costs around $1,500, while a 3-cars garage construction price costs $50,000. It shows that the detached garage construction cost in the USA lies between $40 and $70 per square foot.

  • Foundation Installations

While laying down the foundations of your Garage, choosing the best quality and reliable material for long-term benefits is essential. However, selecting a material for garage foundation installation influences the overall garage construction cost significantly. The standard material used in garage foundations is concrete. If you choose the same item, your Garage per square foot cost will be around $4 to $25. And the average price of the complete garage foundation will fall between $2,000 to $7,000. You can also hire a professional garage cost estimator for the perfect completion of your construction project in the USA.

  • Framing

Framing is the most essential step in the new garage construction project, and it can significantly add to the overall building cost. Wood framing is most common in the USA, costing approximately $4 to $8 per square foot. However, some house owners prefer other materials. The list of these materials with their per sq foot costs is mentioned in the table below;


Material Brick Brick-veneered Cinderblock Prefab Pole Barn Metal Stick-built
Cost per sq foot $27 to $45 $5 to $30 $29 to $62 $40 to $85 $3,000 to $22,000 $40 to $70


One must hire an expert framing estimator to select the most reliable material and complete the garage construction project efficiently.

  • Roofing

When it comes to the roofing of a garage, it is beneficial first to understand the different styles or types of roofing used for garage construction. The most common material used for roofing the Garage in the USA include;


Asphalt shingle Fibre cement Steel
Concrete Felt Roof shingle
Slate Gambrel EPDM rubber


Among all roofing types, Asphalt shingle is the most reliable style for garage roofing. Experts consider it the most stable roofing material since it lasts 20 to 40 years. Approximately 80% of American residents prefer Asphalt shingles for roofing their garages. And the average cost to install an Asphalt shingle roof of a garage lies between $1,600 and $16,000.

  • Gutter

As you can use your Garage for laundry and car washing, it must have a gutter at the right corner. It is essential to resist water from pooling. Moreover, it can protect your Garage from water damage and keep its structure sound and vital for the long run. And for guttering, you can prefer any type, such as aluminum, vinyl, or steel. The average cost of gutter installation in a garage lies between $4 and $30 per linear foot. Lastly, contact Nedes Estimating for gutter estimating services if you need assistance.

  • Siding

Only creating a structure is not a game. You must also follow some precautions to protect your Garage from harsh weather conditions. But to complete your project perfectly, it is crucial to consider the different styles of siding, including vinyl, fiber cement, steel log, stucco, metal, bricks, engineering wood, stone, aluminum, and concrete. The price list of all these materials is given below;


Siding Materials Aluminum Wood Brick Stone Engineered wood Vinyl Fiber cement
Cost Per Sq Foot $4 to $7 $3 to $10 $11 to $1 $11 to $18 $3 to $8 $0.70 to $3 $6 to $10


Among all these, vinyl is the best option for the siding of your Garage. It is one of the most durable, long-lasting, and suitable siding materials.

  • Permits

Before any construction project, it is mandatory to apply for a local government permit and start construction after your building approval. It is a phase that can significantly increase your garage construction budget. Moreover, a construction permit is an expense that depends on the region or project location. Overall, the average cost for a permit falls between $1,200 to $1,500.

  • Labor

Labor cost is another critical factor that can influence the entire budget of a garage construction project. It would be best if you had the assistance of an expert labor team that can proficiently work on your garage construction activities, including roofing, siding, framing, painting, etc. According to a professional’s estimate, labor needs can cover 50% to 70% of the garage construction cost. You can also take support of construction estimating services NYC to hit the exact labor requirement. Additionally, laborers demand $20 to $49 per square foot for a garage construction project. However, the labor cost may vary depending on the garage size, location, and project complexity.

  • Location

Moving from place to place, the overall garage construction cost varies. You can imagine this variation in the following picture.

Therefore, when you hit your garage construction project, consider your area and fulfill your desires with profitable decisions.

  • Insulation

You can skip this point if you are preparing a metal or brick garage. However, if your target is a wooden garage, you need to hire a reputable company for insulation estimating services. It is essential to keep your Garage comfortable in all seasons. The excellent insulation system in the Garage enables you to use your place as a workspace or an area for storing temperature-sensitive products. Moreover, there are multiple types of insulation systems audible in the market. You can choose any of them according to your desires and budget. The list of these materials and their costs is given below;


Insulation Material Material Cost Per Sq Foot
Spray foam insulation $1.5 to $4
Batting insulation $1 to $2
Blow-in insulation $.5 to $1.5


  • Electrical Work

Although, electricity is an additional feature in a garage. But sometimes you need it badly. For instance, at night, you need light to do your essential task related to your Garage. An automated garage gate also requires electricity. Moreover, sometimes electricity is needed to run some building codes. It is a specific feature that seems unnecessary but is actually a mandatory garage feature. Well, the expense of electrical work and wiring in a garage construction project falls between $1,000 and $2,500.

  • Garage Door Installation

Regarding garage construction, it is beneficial to get the assistance of able garage door replacement cost estimators. They can suggest those points that can enable you to avoid significant door installation errors. Additionally, the cost of a garage door installation depends on the size of the Garage and the number of doors you install.

The Cost Of Garage Door Installation Depending On Size


Size of Garge Garage Door Installation Cost
1-Car Garage $500 to $1,000
2-Cars Garage $1,500 to $3,000
3-Cars Garage $ 3,500 to $5,000


The Cost Of Garage Door Installation Depends on the Number


Number of Doors Garage Door Installation Cost
Single Door $600 to $1,500
Double Door $800 to $3,500
Custom Door Over $1,000


  • Security

As it is a matter of your precious car or some valuable items, installing a security system in your Garage is essential for your item’s protection. Yes, it is an extra expense in your garage construction, but it is a significant feature that keeps you away from sudden worries. The overall security system installation cost is between $100 to $2,500. However, if you want to connect your automated door to the security system, its price will fall around $200 to $4,000.

  • Windows

Like electrical work, a window is an additional option to install in your Garage. It is for those who want sunlight to come in and illuminate the space. The garage window installation cost can vary depending on the material, glass, size, and window shape. However, the average garage window installation cost is between $100 to $600 per piece.

  • Painting the Garage

A garage is a fundamental part of your house, and it must look fantastic, like your interior home. You must cover its walls with charming and welcoming shades to make it look appealing. The overall cost to paint your Garage, depending on its total sq foot is given in the graph below;


The graph shows that the cost of garage paint increases with the increase in total square feet. Lastly, you can also choose the “Do It Yourself (DIY)” option to save some money.

Building Garage Yourself Vs Hiring a Contractor

You might think about constructing your Garage yourself. But to complete your project efficiently, it is essential to keep everything flawless while utilizing your expertise. Moreover, you can only be professional in one or two aspects, but constructing a garage need proficiencies in drywall, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and other system installations. To cover all these features with 100% functionality, it is beneficial to hire a contractor. He can more efficiently manage your building project while equipping you with excellent estimating services


Furthermore, you can consider the DIY option if you prefer pre-built garage kits. But it should be remembered that these kits are unmatchable with the value of traditional garages. They never add that level of worth to your property that a conventional garage can do. So, it is better to talk to an expert contractor and hand over your garage construction project to him.

Tips to Save Money & Time On Garage Construction Cost

According to expert knowledge, a garage construction project is complex, time-demanding, and costly. But, there are always some ways through which you can save some money and time. Let,s open another chapter of this blog post and uncover patterns that can help you to save money and time while maintaining the quality of your garage construction project.

  • Choose the Appropriate Size

Strongly focus on the size of your Garage. Invest less in constructing extra areas if you only need a little space. It will only cause a waste of time and money. Take advantage of construction estimating services NYC and make the right decisions as per your requirements.

  • Minus Windows & Skylights

A garage does not need windows and skylights until you need some natural light to come inside and brighten up your area. If it is unnecessary, skip it to save time and money and invest both at a significant point of a garage construction project.

  • Paint the Garage Yourself

If you only need a garage for car parking, you can freely ignore the garage wall painting phase. It will enable you to invest your time and money at a beneficial point. However, if your Garage is connected to your house or you want to maintain its look, try to choose the DIY option and paint your walls yourself. This way, you can save some money on labor costs.


  • Select a Cheap Roof

We have already discussed the types of roofs and understood that the asphalt shingle roof is the best option in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness. So, prefer this roof and save some money.

  • Install Storage Devices Yourself

You might prefer to incorporate some cabinets and shelves in your Garage. It is a good option and also will increase your house value. But what about cabinet making and installation? Why do you not handle it yourself? If you have enough expertise to make cabinets or shelves and install them, avoid investing your money in labor. This way, you can achieve your garage construction goal while saving money.

  • Take Advantage of Left-over Wood

Most people store leftover wood pieces in their storerooms after completing their house construction project. You must utilize those remaining wood pieces for garage cabinets or shelves if you are one of them. Considering this approach, you can save money on buying new wood pieces.

  • Construction Garage During Off-season

Some USA companies offer special discounts during a specific season, such as winter. Search these companies on Google, and wait for the particular season to work on your garage construction project at discounted rates.

  • Hire a Professional Contractor

Hiring a professional contractor is the most beneficial way to construct a garage within budget and time boundaries. A construction contractor is a professional who manages your building activities and streamlines your project efficiently. He talks to suppliers to find the best quality and most affordable materials for garage construction. Moreover, building contractors decrease the probability of potential errors that may arise during a construction project. Not only do they point out these errors, but they also take intelligent steps to solve them on point. So, you must hire an expert garage construction contractor to complete your project with 100% efficiency.

Final Thoughts

A garage is an essential part of a house, and it delivers multiple benefits, including increasing the value of a home, providing ample space to store items, and parking cars. But, to enjoy these benefits, you must invest your time and money in all essential parts of garage construction projects. These parts include garage foundation, framing, roofing, guttering, siding, painting, and installing mandatory systems. All activities differ from each other concerning money and time requirements. If your budget is tight and you do not have extra time to invest in your garage construction project, you can follow some tips to complete your project within budget and time limitations. One of the best ways to complete your project flawlessly and promptly is by getting assistance from building contractors. They can create a quality roadmap and efficiently ensure that your project moves on the right track. Lastly, if you want to read more informative blog posts, stay connected with Nedes Estimating!


If you cannot afford a Garage, you can choose a carport as an alternative. It protects cars from outer elements while covering the car properly. Moreover, it is the most reasonable method to create a separate area for car parking.

The average cost of constructing a garage of 24×24 feet is $30,000.

The standard size of the Garage in the USA depends on the total space required or the number of cars.
The standard size of a 1-car garage in the USA is 12×24 feet.
The standard size of a 2-car garage in the USA is 18×20 feet.
The standard size of a 3-car garage in the USA is 36×24 feet.

To build a detached garage, your budget must lie between $1,500 to $50,000. The cost may vary depending on your preferences, such as garage kit or traditional garage construction.

The post-frame construction method is the most reliable and reasonable method to build a garage. It has many significant reasons;
It needs less quantity of lumber.
Its structures are buried deep down in the ground.
It can strongly withstand wind storms and heavy rain.
It is a solid form than stick-frame construction designs.
Its structures are highly dependent on the large posts set in cement.