How to Estimate low budget simple Two-story House Design

Two-story House Design


Two-story houses are the most popular style of primary residence. Instead of building a one-story in a small area, a two-story house is the best home, such as you can have more space on your ground floor by shifting your rooms to the upper floor. An open, small living room, drawing room, and kitchen can make a perfect ground story for your home.
However, if you want more information about two-story homes, follow the article. We have also discussed the two-story designs that include modern house designs, small house designs, and simple house designs.
Furthermore, we have given a cost-friendly way that you can apply to reduce the weight on your budget.

Two-story house design ideas

If you want to construct a two-story building for your residence, you must be more careful because you must build something beautiful in a small area. This tiny house requires more precise and delicate designs for construction. Well, we have some exciting ideas for your 2-story houses. Depending on the type of house, we categorize them as simple, small, and modern houses.

Ideas for a simple two-story house design:

A simple two-story house traditionally consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a small kitchen; a simple two-story means more cost-effective housing strategies for building a simple house. You can also increase or decrease the rooms or bathrooms according to the area.

Ideas for Small two-story house design:

If you have a small area to build a house, building a two-story is the best idea. For example, having two portions means you can build more rooms along with a kitchen on the ground floor; you can shift all the bedrooms on 1st floor to make space for a living room or a beautiful drawing room.

Ideas for modern Two-Story Houses Design:

You can add luxurious kitchens and bathroom accessories to modern houses. You can build a beautiful two-story house using modern, costly ceramics and materials. Any woodwork or glasswork can also transform your residence into a beautiful piece of modern living style.

story House Design

How to estimate simple low-budget two-story houses.

It would help if you considered some factors while estimating the total cost of a two-story residential construction project. These projects usually stay within budget, and it only costs a lot if you want to add a more luxurious interior. You need to follow the steps to estimate a low-budget estimation project.

Find out the client’s requirements:

You have to determine the client’s requirements. What type of construction do they want? What is the interior they are looking for? And everything about paint, woodwork, glasswork, and kitchen and bathroom accessories material. By getting information about all these things, you will know the cost of these materials.

Analyze the blueprints and designs:

A complete analysis of blueprints is vital for the work. It is because you must know the measurements of sketches and other drawings provided by the clients. By measuring those sketches, the estimator will get to know the idea of the construction type and how much material is required to complete the construction work.

Visit the Construction Site

Sometimes, the construction sites are in rough conditions, and much repairing or cleaning is required to ready the area for construction. Therefore, you need an extra budget for that purpose. You can clear the area without any issues.

Location of the Construction Site

If you build a house in a posh or luxury society, you must pay more property tax. Moreover, the construction areas away from the big markets of urban areas require high transportation costs to bring all the materials to the construction site from the market. However, construction areas away from the big cities possess fewer property taxes and are less costly for constructors.

Material Takeoff Estimations

It is a complete report on everything that comes under the required materials for a construction project. It includes concrete, steel, wood, or glass materials, labor, and required machines.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is essential for estimating the cost of the construction. Estimators visit the markets to understand the trend of material prices and labor costs to give the construction a more accurate rough value.

Budget Estimating

Estimators analyze the whole budget of the client according to the requirements to see whether the construction project will benefit the constructor.

Construction Estimate for a two-story house

State Area Price
Arizona 1,000 sq. ft. $147,000
Georgia 1,000 sq. ft. $136,000
Texas 1,000 sq. ft. $132,000
Ohio 1,000 sq. ft. $111,000
Virginia 1,000 sq. ft. $155,000

How to Reduce Two-story House Cost

If you want to reduce the cost of your construction project, we have given some cost-friendly suggestions below.

Find a plot in a cost-friendly area.

The location of your plot matters a lot. If your plot is in an area with high property and construction taxes, you must carry the weight on your budget. So, getting a plot on better but less costly locations will save you money and cut the cost at a considerable level.

Have a simple design.

You need to keep the design of your project simple. Complexities in the construction projects will lead you to heavy machinery use or significant installations, which means more materials and more budget. It would help to have simple designs to make your project less complicated and budget-friendly.


A small two-story house is the best cost-friendly construction project if your budget is tight. You can follow the budgets given here to reduce the cost of your project. Moreover, you can apply different designs and styles to determine whether it can affect the budget. However, you must consult estimation experts for educated guidance for this process. Otherwise, the odds say you can only disturb your budget with an expert.