How Long Does It Take to Construct a New House in the USA?

Construct a New House

Houses for single families are continuously built all over the USA. You aren’t new if you are thinking of constructing a new house. You may want to move to avail yourself of the features of the latest technology. You may have heard many stories of delays after the original completion date. Sometimes, you may have to finish and fix the remaining things as customized. It’s exciting to do as well. Decide whether you can compromise on time and how much it takes for a new house.

It takes around seven to twelve months from scratch to the final look. Architects may consume some time in planning initially. They will get this project’s authority after approval. All the determinants may be up to conclude this commitment for long years.

Factors determine the time.

Time is an important determinant to analyze for the completion of a project. Future homeowners are concerned about building homes. There are different phases of building a house. Your time frame may be extended due to various factors. The builder can tell you an estimate, but you shouldn’t rely on that completely. Let’s explore each factor separately.

Building Permits

There are some sets of regulations to follow while constructing an area. These permits are necessary; otherwise, you won’t be able to build your house there. If you own the land in an area, you must get a permit before starting construction. The permits take time to acquire.

Weather conditions

Building a home requires knowing the weather’s role. Weather affects your home building regardless of the month. Bad weather halts your project severe weather results in delay.

Last-minute changes:

It’s fine if your mind changes at the last minute. It’s your money and house. However, the changes that occur at the last minute will extend the timeframe of the building process.

The Overall Design

The design of your home overall influences the completion time. If the design is complex, it will require the related specifications. Your builder will discuss the required specifications. And he will let you know regarding its effect on time. You need to manage your dream expectations about your home with completion time.

The Lot

The land on which your home stands should be stable. There are some characteristics of a lot. It includes passing on, like grading, clearing, and leveling. You may assume ground fin, but it may not suit your home foundation. Your builder has to deal with topsoil things under it.


You may face a labor shortage during springtime. Building a home in this season will get you to deal with these issues. The supply of labor is an important determinant. If your custom builder is good, he will provide you ease in hiring laborers.

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Average Construction Timelines in the USA

According to a report by the US Census Bureau (2019), the average time is seven months to build a house from scratch. Planning for home construction needs some time as well. All other approvals and remaining things will make it a long-year commitment.

The location of your house is a deciding factor‌. The type of home you want is also a concern.

Time According to Home Type

Every method of constructing a house takes a different time to complete. Which type of house you are constructing matters here.

  • Contractor-built home will take about nine months
  • Built-for-sale requires around six months.
  • The owner-built house needs a longer time than the other two. They will take twelve months to complete

Slow Custom Builds

The house you build according to your choice requires the most time. These custom builds require you to follow numerous things. You may have the plot or land where you want. It becomes custom-builds when you further handle or pass this duty to a contractor.

You want the contractor to make the house according to your specifications. So, at every stage, he will consult you. You will check the phase and pass it on. Then, they will continue to another phase. If, at any phase, the result is not according to your expectations, you may ask to change the settings the contractor placed. This enhances the timeline of your project.

If you start constructing your house, it will require the most time. It’s because you do not have enough experience in construction. There will be more chances of errors and revisions.

Fast Noncustom Builds

The quick turnaround time you will see in noncustom builds. This home is built with selling intentions. But they only considered a buyer after starting building this type of house. Here, the builder constructs the house according to what he knows or wants. Contact a real estate agent if you want this type of house. You will tell us your suitable or required location. You may only find some things according to your wishes there, but you may get a new house faster this way.

Time by Region

The region where your house is built decides the time. According to the statistics for 2019, the average time to build a house in the West and Midwest is 8 months. The south region will make your completion time 6 months. The northeast region will take more time as of eleven months.

The delays in some regions are due to snow and cold in the north. So you may require a year for completion. If you want your house to be built quickly, select south region. The blue skies and sunshine will make it faster.

Construction Quality Check

Buyers are concerned about their convenience. Buyers prefer pre-constructed houses. Ensure that you work with a reputable developer. The quality of construction should be excellent. In the house that is already built, you can check the quality of construction in some easy ways.

Investigate the soil

The first step to check the house’s strength is soil investigation. The quality of soil differs according to area. It depends on the conditions of the weather at that place. The soil type determines the structure’s sustainability. You can’t miss this crucial step. Soil quality decides whether your house survives in critical weather or not.

Determine the structure design.

Investigating the design and structure is also critical for checking quality. New investors will need help in testing the structure. They don’t have knowledge of the construction process, wall types, or thickness. You may need an expert to assist you in ensuring a risk-free structure.

Check the concrete mix.

The material used in construction is another deciding factor. The concrete is the basic material. Checking its quality and suitability is crucial. The accurate concrete mix will ensure smooth construction.

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Inspect the wall thickness.

Walls are an important measure of the construction quality. Inspecting its thickness will save you from loss.

Ensure safety features

Home refers to a safe place. Checking the safety of the home’s structure is important. Developers must take extra measures to provide a safe environment for the residents. You must be concerned about the security of your family. So, don’t miss this quality check. For kids, the main road is not suitable to live on. So it would help if you opted for the corner houses.

Look for paint and plastering quality.

Homebuyers should check the layers of walls. Look for any uneven surfaces and cracks in the inner and outer walls. Uneven floors and walls indicate low construction quality. The small details need proper attention.


The structure and its complexity decide this thing. In the USA, it takes about 4 to 8 weeks on average. During winter, this time may extend. Gas piping requires a separate application.

TMany factors influence the construction time for new houses. The availability of construction materials is crucial, without which the construction can’t begin the labor of the construction work. The unavailability of skilled labor will result in delaying your project.

Builders need the required materials before they ask for construction. If the owner chooses rare materials, it will affect the construction time. They need time to find those materials.