How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

water damage restoration cost


Studies show that the global disaster restoration services market will reach $98.9 billion by 2031.

Water damage means an accidental leakage of water that can be the cause of destruction and loss. It can be because of many things, such as rotting wood, mold growth, bacterial growth, composite wood swelling, steel rusting, and many more

It is the rule of the world that every damage needs restoration. Water damage restoration is the process of fixing the damages of water overflow. It is revamping a home back to its original condition before the damage

This is a cost-taking process, and water damage restoration Costs depend on several factors. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss them and the cost of restoring different types of water damage

If we talk about the average cost of repairing water damage. It is between $1300 and $6000. But we will read about different factors and damages that affect the average cost. It is not cheap, but sometimes it becomes essential because of some critical damage. Continue to read, and we will provide you with the information that will be good for you

Factors That Determine the Cost

When we discuss any loss or damage, it is not possible for each building to face the same exact damage. It is also impossible that two damaged buildings from two different locations cost the same to repair. So, we will focus on different factors that affect the water Damage Restoration Cost

Types of Water

It is the discussion about damage to a building due to water leakage. So, it’s important to discuss different types of water. Each type of water damages the building differently. The damage to clean water can not be more than black water damage. So, we will discuss different types of water, the accepted damages, and the cost to restore the buildings

  • Clean Water

When we talk about different water types, clean water is the one that has the lowest cost to restore. Normally, clean water damage costs between $3 and $4 per square foot. The most common reason for clean water damage is leaking in the home water supply line. In common cases, it damages only carpet, wood floors, and drywall

  • Gray Water

It is the second category that comes in the water damage list. It includes food particles and laundry detergents. These may be the cause of serious damage and are more expensive than clean water damage. It costs $4 to $7 per square foot area. You can calculate a complete home by multiplying the location of your home and the highest average cost


The cause of the gray water damage is leaking in the dishwasher, laundry machine, and toilet overflow. It can damage the doors of appliances and other things to clean water damage. You will need to dry the affected areas and replace doors, floors, and cabinets

  • Black Water

Black water damage is the 3rd category of water damage. It is the most expensive type of water damage to repair. Black water is any water known to be in contact with contaminated water, such as sewage or groundwater. Black water damage affects expensive


Because black water is a health hazard, everything that comes into contact with the water should be removed and replaced. This includes drywall, flooring, furniture, and even clothing. Estimating this is difficult, but it is not replaced in less than $7 per square foot

Size and Area

As our discussion turns around, there is a water damage restoration cost for a building. The size and area of buildings always matter in it. Here, we will discuss the size and location mostly damaged in water leakages


The most common water damages the bathrooms, and if it overflows, then master bead rooms become the second target. Other areas damaged can be the kitchen, ceilings, walls near air conditioners, washing areas, and doors


Area Per Square Foot cost Average Cost
Roof $5 to $8 $500 to $1800
Hardwoods $2 to $5 $200 to $550
Drywalls $1.5 to $3 $1000 to $3000
Ceilings $3 to $6 $350 to $1250
Floors $2 to $3 $1000 to $3000


These are estimated values that can be changed according to water type, damage conditions, location, and some other circumstances. You can contact our firm for an accurate water damage restoration cost estimate

Additional Cost Affecting Water Damage Restoration

When we discuss the cost of water damage restoration. We study different types of water and damaged areas that affect the cost. But there are some things that can affect the cost of restoring the house. We will discuss those directly interlinked with the project cost type

  • Labor Cost

Labor is the most essential part of completing the average cost of any project. If you get an estimate of material and start a project, it will badly affect your budget. So, the same thing applies here; you need to remember the labor cost during the restoration process. It depends on the damage condition and your location. But the average cost in the USA is $70 to $200 per hour. This cost can change depending on your location, damage conditions, and labor expertise

  • Material Cost

Material is another one most important factor that affects the average cost. Sometimes, the damaged material condition does not go too down. Your average cost will decrease if the material is repairable or only needs to be dry. But if the material needs to be replaced instead of repaired, it will be a costly procedure. It also depends on the material type that is affected

  • Emergency Callouts

It’s the third thing that externally affects the average cost. Emergency callouts are always expensive in all situations. If you need to restore your home on an urgent basis, it also affects the average cost. The repair company will use extra labor, spend more time than the daily working hours, and charge extra money for it

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

When your home is already damaged with water, you can not sleep in peace. You will be in search of repair before increasing the damage. So, knowing how much time for repair is required, you will get peace of mind. Now, we are explaining this thing. Continue with us and share it with others. Someone could benefit from our services and save his and his family’s lives before the complete demolishing of the house

restoration varies from person to person. A person gives you a general idea, but it depends on the damaged area. You need at least 72 hours to dry water, and the repair will start. Restoration can take 1 to 2 weeks, but it is an average time. It can be changed according to home size and damaged area size. The water dry process can take longer if this damaged building is located in a cold area and has a high humidity rate. The process of water damage restoration is written below

  • Inspect the damaged area and find the reason for the damage
  • Develop a complete strategy to resolve the issue and mark the points that are damaged
  • Remove all electrical appliances and cut down the electrical connection in that area
  • Employee air movers and industry-grade dehumidifiers ensure that everything is completely dried throughout the process
  • Use air purification with an air filter to remove odors and return air quality
  • The repairing process includes floor replacing, removing and replacing drywall, and other building materials
  • Coordinate with our firm and get an estimate from us before signing an agreement for restoration

What Can Be Done to Speed Up Water Damage Repairs?

This is one of the most critical aspects of drying and restoring a home after water damage. Every hour that passes after the flood causes more damage and expands water in walls and roofs. Also, the water sitting on the walls and carpets can increase the difficulty of restoration. So, we will calculate the time and how long does water damage restoration Takes. Follow these steps to restore damage quickly and easily

  • The first step is ventilation. Open all the doors and windows that you can open
  • Use a fan if any area is dry to increase airflow and passing
  • Focus on your safety. You can wear different long shoes and block the entrance of children and other people
  • Call to the professional people. They can help you with their machinery and technical skills

These are a few straightforward advice you need to follow to speed up the restoration process safely. Follow them to save yourself, your products, your home, and others

The benefit of Hiring a professional

If there are leakages in an open pipe, you can fix them easily, but if you face a huge level of water damage, you need to hire a professional for restoration. Many reasons show the importance of hiring a professional. Continue studying so that you will see these reasons

  • Water damage can make a home unlivable and a commercial building unusable. But a professional water restoration company can restore it to its original shape and make it safe for living and use
  • The main issue that comes after water damage is mold growth. These models can be harmful to the general public. Professionals always ensure that all molds are removed at first
  • After the start of water damage, the damaged area increased rapidly. This thing increases the restoration cost. Calling a professional as soon as possible can stop this increment in cost
  • If you get services from a professional, you can claim insurance for your property
  • Professionals give the best suggestions to secure your property in the future


In this article, we discuss water damage restoration costs and see them from different points of view. We provide the average estimates for each service. You can be confused because of the difference in average values and real cost. To secure from this headache, contact our team and get the on-time estimate according to your location, area, and size of the project

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You can prevent your home from water damage by regularly checking water supply pipelines, cleaning gutters on time, and not putting anything permanently on your roof. Install a main water control valve and shut down it when leaving the site.

The drying process normally depends on ventilation, the size of the damaged area, and location. But it typically takes 24 to 72 hours in the USA to dry a home after water damage. Weather conditions also affect the dry process.

The cost of any damage depends on several factors. These can be city labor rate, damaged area size, or damaged material rate. But if we check an estimated cost for drywall repair. It can be $1.5 to $3 per square foot. It can be changed with time, location, and other circumstances.